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School Council

Select A New Club or Organization

Student Council members will be selected from both grades. Students must have a C or higher average in all academic courses from the previous school year, not be a chronic violator of school rules, and not have attended ISS, OSS, or Saturday School. These requirements must be maintained throughout the school year. If not, students will be placed on probation until the next progress report is given. Only one probation period is allowed; if more than one is received students will be removed from the coucil. Removal from the council can be caused by failure to attend meetings, participate in council activities or multiple violations of school rules.

The purpose of the Student Council is to supervise general activities of the school, to develop attitudes and practice in good citizenship, to improve student-teacher relationships, to cooperate in furthering the general welfare of our school, to promote and maintain high standards of conduct, to provide a forum for students' expression and to promote school morale.